What Do People Look for in a Real Estate Agent?

07.05.19 09:23 PM By access

Here are some things people look for in a real estate agent

From the outside looking in, being a real estate agent can seem easier than it actually is. However, there's more to it than just passing a test and showing homes. Learning how to invest and learn the tips of the trade is essential. The real estate field is competitive, and people aren't going to waste their time with an agent who doesn't serve their needs. These are some qualities every real estate agent needs to have.

The Right Credentials

Your charm will only get you so far as a real estate agent. To get hired to sell a home, you need to have the right credentials at your disposal. You should have a license to practice in your state. VanEd recommends that you can also obtain additional credentials, such as becoming a certified residential specialist or a military relocation professional. Being able to work in specialized fields can make you a far more desirable real estate agent. Look for focuses that you know you would be invested in and would bring out the best in your ability to forge a connection.


All real estate agents start at the bottom, but you shouldn't be surprised if people are hesitant to hire an agent who lacks experience. Habitation Realty suggests it's important to have a deep level of experience working with all parties during the real estate transaction process. Don't think that you have to have a miles-long resumé in order to have experience. Demonstrating knowledge of the market and offering actionable advice that other agents might not consider. This can help you be recommended to more clients and rise through the ranks.

You might have multiple clients at a time, but your clients will probably only have one real estate agent at a time. If you're not personable, your clients are going to feel like you're indifferent to helping them sell their home. When someone reaches out to you, get to know them and assess what their needs are. Max Real Estate Exposure explains that experienced real estate agents develop a sixth sense for being able to tell what clients need, even without being told. There's a mutual relationship between a real estate agent and client, as each party depends on the other to get business done. Keep this in mind as you work with your clients. 

Would you want to buy a home from a real estate agent who lacks any of these qualities? We didn't think so. As a real estate agent, you need to show your clients why you're the best choice to sell their home. Imagine the ideal real estate agent. Then, think of all you can do to become that person.

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