Real Estate Investing Could Be Your Solution to Retirement Woes

04.10.18 11:54 PM By David

Real estate investing involves purchasing property and allowing the equity of that property to support you. There are two ways that real estate investing can be lucrative. The first way is by purchasing damaged or older property and flipping it. When you buy a property that needs work done, you can generally get if for less than you'd usually pay due to the condition it's in. If you have skilled workers who can make the house look great for a reasonable amount, then you can make a sizeable profit after the sale. The second option would be to purchase a property to rent out. When you buy rental property, you can count on a little bit of income each month, apart from that, you are also getting income from the equity that the house is creating.

Not Everyone Has A Nest Egg

Most people hope to have a nice little nest egg by the time that they are retired. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. You may be someone who made poor financial decisions in your youth, or you may be a person who had health problems and serious medical bills that took up a lot of your savings. You may have become disabled, and because of that, you were never able to make ends meet. The Motley Fool explains, “An estimated 30% of seniors 65 and over still have a mortgage, and as of 2015, 2.8 million seniors aged 60 and older were on the hook for student debt.” So there are indeed many ways that seniors and retirees could be in debt. Whatever the case may be, you may find yourself in debt in your retirement years.

How Investment Property Can Help

Investment property can give you relief from your financial woes if you play your cards right. If you are able to get loans for property and either flip the property or put it up for rent, you may be able to set up a nice passive income. After making money from the sale of a rental property, you are then in an excellent position to buy more property and sell again. In that way, you can get a steady income. Elevate Mortgage Group explains, “you may think that you will not be able to qualify for loans because of your retired status or because you are on benefits, but that is not necessarily the case. To be eligible for loans and on benefits, you simply need to maintain your benefit level consistently.” If you make a low income because of retirement, you need to go after property that is more affordable. In that way, your loan will be smaller, and you will have a mortgage that you can afford. 

Do Your Research Before You Start

If you're a person who is interested in getting into real estate investing, then it'd be in your best interest to do your homework. Real estate can be lucrative when done right, but can also be a considerable loss when done wrong. There is plenty of material on real estate investing, so find out how this type of investment can benefit you.

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