How to Stage Your Home to Appeal to Buyers

26.02.19 09:33 PM By access

Here is how to make your home more appealing during the sales process

When looking to sell a home, one of the most important steps to take is to stage the property. A properly staged home will ensure that the house appeals to more buyers and encourages people to imagine the space as their own. Here are three ways to stage your home to appeal to buyers:

Use Great Lighting

One of the most neglected elements of the house staging process is proper lighting. According to Home Staging of Houston, the right lighting can be used to create any mood and vibe that you want to convey. The last thing that you want buyers to see is a dark and dreary home. Accent lighting can draw interest to the focal points of a room for dramatic effect. Vanity lighting in the bathrooms should be as bright and consistent as possible. Table or floor lamps are ideal ways to add brightness if the overhead lighting is not sufficient. Wall sconces are a good choice when looking to create an inviting atmosphere in a room. For the sake of curb appeal, be sure to not neglect the exterior lighting of the home. 

Make Sure Your Walls Are Neutral Colors

According to Rules of Renovation, you don't know who is going to be walking around the house or what their personality or tastes are like. So it's best to use neutral colors that appeal to everyone to help potential buyers imagine their own stuff in the space. Painting doesn't have to be expensive either. A fresh coat of paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to spruce up a home and give it a more modern vibe. Good neutral colors to select include beige, gray, or cream. By choosing a neutral palette, buyers will feel encouraged that they can make this home their own.

Get Rid of ClutterThe cardinal rule of home staging is to take special care to eliminate clutter all throughout the house. It is important to remove knick-knacks and personal items from the home. According to ClosetBox, once you’ve pared down, sort your stuff into items you need access to while you’re staging your home and things you won’t need to see until you’ve moved. Everything in the second category can go to storage, freeing up tons of space in your home! The purpose of decluttering is two-fold. You want to make the house feel roomier and clean while also making it impersonal so that buyers can imagine their personal belongings in each space. 

The time and effort that you put into staging your home will pay big dividends once it hits the market. By presenting your home in the best possible light, your house will shine in even the most competitive housing markets.

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